Fear is your best friend | John Cantor | TEDxNoosa

On the 29th May, 2015, I spoke at the Noosa TEDx conference about my experiences with fear and anxiety in association with my expeditions.

The Project interview with John Cantor

I was interviewed on The Project on the 3rd December 2013, to speak about my upcoming Winter Traverse. It was my first live television interview. .

Winter training expedition in the Brooks Range, Alaska

This is a video from my March 2013 training trip for the full winter traverse. .

Nissan X-Trail Bear Grylls ad - via Mumbrella

This is the commercial where I was Bear Grylls’ stunt double. I also had the pleasure of working with him for a day. My part in the ad is at the 20 second mark. .

Man Therapy: John

This is a video for ‘Man Therapy’, a Beyondblue campaign. In this video I speak about my experiences with anxiety. For more of Man Therapy, visit - .

The Today Show interview with John Cantor & Evan Howard

Evan and I were interviewed on The Today Show on the 22nd Dec 2013 about our upcoming winter traverse of the Brooks Range. .

2014 Denali West Buttress Expedition

In May/June 2014 I attempted the climb the West Buttress of Denali with three friends. Unfortunately it was one of the worst years of weather ever. No one summited while we were waiting for our weather window. We still had a great time though.

John Cantor's Alaska expedition

I put this video together after my second attempt at traversing the Brooks Range solo.

John Cantor jumps off cliff into shallow, narrow gorge

This is a video of myself and friends Sarah & Stoney, climbing Australia’s biggest multi-pitch rock climb - Hotel California, 22, 350m. I made the video for an assignment for my Masters in Media Arts & Production.

Climbing Splitwave

This is me climbing the juggy Splitwave, 23, at Wavewall, Centennial Glen, Blue Mountains, NSW. 

John Cantor catches another python

Catching snakes in my backyard is one of the many benefits of living in Queensland. Not the biggest one I’ve caught, but this guy was lots of fun.