Where in the world is John Cantor?

January 8, 2018 Uncategorized


In mid 2014 after my unsuccessful Brooks Range winter traverse and Denali attempts, I began a law degree in Sydney. I managed to finish that with honours by 2017 and in that time began working full time with law firm MinterEllison.

Alaska never left my thoughts however, and I continued to seek ways to return. Through working at MinterEllison, I met Chris Dutton, the CEO and founder of The CEO Magazine. Chris and I quickly formed a friendship that also became a business relationship. I am thrilled to announce that The CEO Magazine is now my major sponsor in my quest to complete the first ever winter traverse of the Brooks Range.

I am currently in Canada training for three months and then will travel to Alaska for some preliminary expeditions. In May I will attempt Denali again, and in October I will spend just over two months in the Brooks Range training and acclimatising to the cold, before my second winter traverse attempt in January 2019. MinterEllison and Belle Property are also supporting this project.

It will be a long and tough road, but an exciting one as well. You can follow my progress via Facebook and Instagram. Stay tuned!