My keynote presentations include exciting footage and photos from my expeditions and adventurous life and record breaking expedition alone across Arctic Alaska. I have spoken to companies, sports teams, organisations and schools.



My main messages focus on determination, resilience, turning failure into a positive, goal setting, overcoming adversity, positive self-belief, earning the desire to achieve something remarkable and understanding fear and anxiety. I include case studies where appropriate and can tailor my presentation around the goals of the brief.





“I have been producing TEDxNoosa for three years now and have worked with many different speakers, from seasoned professionals to raw unearthed talent. John Cantor has been a standout, not only due to the content (who doesn’t like Arctic adventure story), but his openness, professionalism, and preparedness for shaping his talk into a TED like format has been exceptional, if not inspiring. Thank you John for sharing your failures and successes on the TEDx stage!”
– Brian Keayes – Licensee TEDxNoosa


“The personal challenges that he overcame through determination, perseverance and resilience was a truly inspiring experience for all involved. John tells his story in an honest, open and engaging manner and even in some of his most trying moments of the expedition, he seems to find a way to find the funny side of what are seemingly incredibly daunting situations.Our players and staff are still talking about the presentation and what they got out of it individually and collectively. As an elite sporting team with a strong focus on developing mental resilience and personal resolve, John’s story has been a terrific example of what can be achieved when you truly set your heart and mind on something.”
Jon Haines, GM, North Melbourne Kangaroos, AFL


“We enjoyed your humour and motivational words. We suffered in your agony and felt your disappointments. You spoke to the audience with passion and kept us engaged throughout your autobiography of accomplishing your dream. You have inspired others to keep on trying but most importantly to plan and prepare”
Glenda Abraham, CBA


“I have had the pleasure of hearing John speak on a number of occasions: to our staff, to our clients and to our alumni. John has managed the tone of the presentation perfectly for each audience, and his presentations for our R U OK? Day sessions were perfect. His story is inspiring and challenging, but it is John’s ability to share his personal challenges and vulnerability that draws the audience in and is the highlight.”
– Nathan Deveson, Managing Partner – Sydney, MinterEllison


“Your years of struggle, your ongoing perseverance and resilience, and your ability to present your personal battles and triumphs in such an interesting way produced one of the most memorable L&G quarterly forums at AMP. I personally appreciated your approach to learning from consecutive failures and carefully planning for future successes. Your enthusiasm and resilience is contagious, and we hope to use your story to inspire us all.”
– Goran Ljuboja, Legal Counsel, AMP


“I am delighted to endorse and congratulate John Cantor on his determination, fortitude and strength of character to tackle what would be seen by most as the impossible. John’s enthusiasm and betrayal of his endeavours both verbally and visually were truly inspiring. I could not recommend anyone more as a motivational speaker.”
Julien O’Connell AM, Chairman, Mercy Health


“John Cantor is an incredible human being who through hard work, perseverance, resilience and self-belief has managed to achieve the unthinkable and do things that almost no one else on earth has ever seen or done before. We were honoured to have John as our keynote speaker at a major event and he managed to inspire and captivate the entire audience throughout his presentation.  Everyone walked away with pearls of wisdom from an adventurer who has faced failure on a grand scale, but has the strength of character to go back for more and eventually succeed.”
John Karagounis, Managing Director, The CEO Circle


“John Cantor is one of the most driven and committed individuals we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Not only is his story to date awe inspiring, but his vision for future achievements and personal growth cannot fail to motivate anyone who listens to him. Humble and appreciative, his innate desire to succeed is what makes John a rare and special individual who’s journey will be well worth watching. As a speaker, John is refreshingly authentic – telling his story in a very real way that connects with his audience and leaves them pondering where the ceiling to their own capabilities and achievements might be. An invitation to question one’s own focus and dreams and a powerful message delivered in a way that everyone can relate to.”
Peter Hanscomb, CEO, Belle Property Australasia


“John Cantor is the best talent I have ever worked with.”
Marc Smith, Australian Story producer, ABC


“John Cantor’s presentation to our group was inspirational. His life story of courage, determination and pursuing his goals against extraordinary challenges resonated with everyone. He articulated a message with which we could all relate in both our personal life and business life; aspire to achieve to the highest level possible. A wonderful message!”
Peter Bergin, CEO, The Pinnacle Advisory Services Group


“John was a stand-out speaker at the 2017 PIA Qld Conference. He was engaging and entertaining, and the audience was captivated throughout his presentation. His story of endurance and courage was inspiring. We thoroughly recommend John for similar events, and would happily host him at a future PIA event.”
Nikki Massadi – Communications Executive, PIA (Qld)


“John spoke to more than 160 students from across our region for our annual School Leader’s Breakfast. I was impressed by his honesty and willingness to talk about topics such as anxiety. John is a living example that success can come from failure and hardship. He was inspiring for students who are about to embark on further studies or enter the workforce. John’s experiences exemplify the need for resilience when it comes to achieving goals.”
Bob Pynsent, Cessnock City Mayor.


“Just wanted to take this opportunity to say “thank you so much”  from the team at Belle Property Kilcare. Whilst we are only a small team in numbers we have big aspirations and goals and your talk certainly inspired us all. We will happily recommend you to anyone and everyone we meet that is looking for an inspirational speaker and who can benefit from your story. Please keep us informed on the next chapter, so we can watch with interest and feel connected. Please come back and visit us again soon. Wishing you all the luck in the world.”
Cathy Baker, Killcare and Wamberal principal, Belle Property Killcare


“Thanks so much for sharing your story with our members at our recent National Professional Development Day series. The feedback at the event was very positive and the formal ratings of your sessions in our post event survey were excellent.Your message around resilience and mental toughness is delivered in a very relaxed style and your use of videos really adds to the delivery.”
Phil Quin-Conroy, CEO, PLAN Australia


“John Cantor presented at our annual industry conference, to a group of electrical contractors. John’s presentation was both entertaining and informative. He presented our delegates with key insights into the processes that he undertook to overcome adversity, and I think that all of our delegates were able to take something away from that – there was certainly a lot of discussion generated later amongst delegates about how much they enjoyed his presentation.” – Nerea Casado, Master Electricians Australia


“Our team found John’s story most interesting. The delivery was entertaining yet the parallels that could be drawn from his experiences to our sales forces’ daily battles were clear. ‘You have to earn the right’ was a key line we took away from it. We highly recommend John Cantor, thank you John.”
Julie Cantwell, Manly, Belle Property


“John’s story is an inspirational tale of adventure and tenacity. He is well spoken, funny and very open about the trials and tribulations he faced during his many attempts (and eventual success) to traverse the Brooks Range solo.”
Clark Carter, Explorers Club


“I thought in particular your use of media, including the Australian Story material, was of a very high standard and made the subject matter particularly approachable for our clients. We will not hesitate to use your services again for similar groups.”
Ian Pratt, Managing Director, Lexis English


“John addressed the University of the Sunshine Coast’s graduation ceremony, and presented an authentic perspective on the relationship between initial failure, development of resilience, comprehensive preparation, and eventual success. John’s accounts of his adventures, his development of an anxiety disorder and his continuing management of the condition were timely, and his entertaining address served to inspire all in attendance to rigorously evaluate their commitment to personal and professional success. I highly recommend John as in interesting and inspiring speaker and I look forward to working with him again in the near future.” 
Emma Rahui, Manager, Major Events and Sponsorships, SCU


“Your informative and inspirational talk about your successful Brooks Range traverse at our annual ‘Adventure Showcase’ was undeniably the highlight of the day. The event’s theme was skilfully woven throughout your presentation and your approachable personality made it easy for all the attendees to connect to you and relate to your ability to triumph over adversity.”
Ian Arnold, Manager, Trek & Travel


“We found your presentation very professional and extremely informative. Our entire team were amazed at the level of commitment you showed to cross the Brooks Range in a record time and found your story very inspirational and motivating.”
Peter Heath, Brand Manager, Berghaus


“John is a shining example of what can be achieved with true grit and determination. He is very willing to work within the time frames required of the organiser and as an inspiring speaker he is engaging, informative and adaptive to his audience. Someone who is definitely worth listening to.”
Andrew Howlett, DanceSport Australia


“All of our guests loved his story and said it was one of the highlights of the day. We loved having John speak for us, he has inspired us all to never give up and follow your dreams even when times get really tough.”
Belinda Carusi, Managing Director, Viver Fitness


“Importantly, you reminded people that only through trying can we achieve; and that success is measured in multiple ways.”
Donna Little, CEO, QORF


“John delivered a powerful and poignant presentation with a beautiful blend of humility and humour. There was a rich balance of personal anecdotes, audio-visual material and evidence-based scientific research. Our entire Goal Setting unit was framed around John’s speech with a viewing of the Australian Story episode and subsequent lessons about learning from failure. John’s honesty, sincerity and authenticity ensured a strong connection with his audience.”
Matt Smith, Coordinator of Student Wellbeing Programs, BGS


“One of the things that had the most impact on the girls was the way you returned to face your challenge and to be successful at the fourth attempt. The lessons for our students as they face their final exams were very pertinent and your story of determination so relevant to them. When the bell sounded for lunchtime and not one student moved was testament to the power of your story and the questions that followed showed how you connected so deeply with the girls.”
Pamela Ledley, Career Counsellor, Brigidine College, St Ives


“John Cantor presented to the whole Grade Four cohort and I cannot congratulate and thank him enough for his inspiring speech. John really took the time to engage every single student by answering every question posed and presenting his story/message with enthusiasm and quality visuals and videos. The students still talk about John and I have had numerous emails from parents thanking me for organising John’s visit. Top bloke, amazing story.”
– John Stansbie, Peregian Springs State School 


“John’s talk to the girls was interesting and inspirational with really strong messages about determination and perseverance related to setting goals and achieving them. He has a lovely, engaging manner with his audience and kept the attention of our large group of girls for the entire 50 minutes. John’s entire presentation was professionally constructed and delivered.”
Fiona Meecham, Head of Year 11, Loreto College


“He spoke of the need to find that inner strength and determination that is in all of us, to turn failures into something positive, to harness self-belief and to accept and understand fear and anxiety. All these messages struck a chord with our students and made for an enthralling presentation completely relevant to year 12. The challenges John Cantor faced and the way he set about conquering them provides a valuable lesson for students as they face their own metaphorical Brooks Range in the form of the HSC.”
Leigh Gair, Year 12 Coordinator, St John Bosco College


“It was not just a human journey but a story of achievement after a great deal of hard work. His message was that believing in yourself gets you to the start line, but hard work is what allows you to achieve. The presentation was entertaining and moving. I highly recommend and thank him for his dedication.”
Chris Owen, Director of Student Achievement, Bremer State High


“John shows us the immeasurable value of determination, persistence and good old-fashioned hard work. I loved his message of failure and how he learned from it, allowed it to change him and then met the challenge better prepared to capture success. Well done John.”
Brooks Fry, Nunamiut School, Anaktuvuk Pass


“John’s adventure was not only inspiring but testimony to what you can achieve if you prepare and persist. His presentation was clear and entertaining and he connected well with his audience. Much of his journey was spent paddling into the wind but he reached his goal in the end. This is very true of life, hence the lesson is there for us all.”
Jeff Snare, Newington College


“Today was a fantastic opportunity to introduce our senior students to adventurer John Cantor, especially as they are set to embark on their own post Year 12 challenges in less than two months. He was inspiring and entertaining; what an amazing young man.”
Jess Wall, Year 12 Coordinator, Mountain Creek State High School